Way Tooo Spicy Academy is an online school for men that are interested in living on the frontier and enhancing their communication skills with women.

In our feature course, Spicy Talk: The Art of Banter you will learn:

  • the proper mindset adjustments that you have to make in order to embrace your inner Mac.
  • the fundamental aspects of Spicy Talk. If you don't know what Spicy Talk is, consider it an important aspect of bantering with women which is explained in greater detail in the course and
  • the exact tactics that you can implement as early as today in order to embrace and unleash your inner Mac.

If you are tired of being:

  • paralyzed by your fear of rejection,
  • never knowing what to say when speaking to women,
  • never being "good enough" to attract women or
  • being victimized by your past rejection trauma